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    What's new: v4.83: 1. Can Sync with WinPIM.net cloud Web Edition. v4.82: 1. Fixed 2 bugs. v4.81: 1. Fixed a bug. v4.8: 1. Can Sync with ownCloud calendar. 2. Bugs fixed. v4.7: 1. Add Functions menu, remove AppBar. 2. Fix a iCalendar bug. v4.6: 1. Show Event Details in Day View. 2. Can select Location in Event page. 3. Can switch to Snapped view in Agenda view. 4. Works better in Windows 10. 5. Fix a Print bug. v4.5: 1. Can set Start Time and End Time for time view. 2. Fix Calendar Sync and iCalendar Import problem. v4.4: 1. Can set Print Range, can print multi-pages at one time. 2. Move Print options from Setting page to Print page. 3. When adjust Start Time in Event page, can Adjust End Time automatically. 4. Edit a Recurrence Event may not correct in Time Bar week view. v4.3: 1. Add Style Filter. 2. Move Today button to popup Month menu. 3. Fixed a Sync bug. v4.2: 1. Add Recycle Bin, can restore Deleted items. 2. Can set Time when Copy or Move appointment. 3. Can create New Task from appointment. 4. Support mouse wheel in Agenda view. 5. Fix Calendar Sync and iCalendar Import problem. v4.11: 1. Add Mouse Right Menu to Task items in Calendar view. 2. Fixed a Show multi-tasks in Day view bug. v4.1: * Fixed a Google Sync bug.

WinPIM Calendar

WinPIM Calendar is a professional Calendar & Tasks management software can Sync with Google, iCloud and Yahoo. * Support Windows Tile, Toast notification, Charm Bar and Snapped view. * Can Sync with Google, iCloud, Yahoo, ownCloud Calendar. * Support SkyDrive Backup, sync with all the devices running WinPIM Calendar. * Provides Day view, Week view and Month view for Calendar. * Clearly Tasks view. * Show Evens List and Time Bar in Day View. * Item Styles make your calendar look different and well organized. * Drag & Drop to move event or adjust time easily. * Subscribe Internet Calendar, support webcal protocol. * Import iCalendar file, associate ics file. * Search Calendar & Tasks. * Customize Recurrence Events. * Print Calendar & Tasks. * Share Calendar & Tasks, support Share Target. * 7-Day Full Functional Trial.


  • Support Windows Tile, Toast notification, Charm Bar and Snapped view.
  • Can Sync with Google, iCloud, Yahoo, ownCloud Calendar.
  • Subscribe Internet Calendar, Import iCalendar file.
  • Print Calendar & Tasks.
  • Item Styles make your calendar look different and well organized.

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14 November 2015

Thank you so much! This calendar is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Simple, yet easily customized to suit tastes. Color Categories, Recurring events, Syncing, etc. Fabulous job! :-)


15 September 2015

I downloaded this app hoping the poor reviews of earlier years were no longer true, but I was sadly disappointed. I chose to Sync my Surface Pro 3 to iCloud, desperately seeking a one-click way of syncing with my iPhone. It took a very long time to sync and find my calendar but it finally showed up! Then... disaster! First it would not sync again to add items I manually added to WinPIM to iPhone, nor would it bring changes from iPhone into WinPIM. Finally, I tried to "sync now" and it worked and worked and worked and Ta-da! When it was done everything was gone from WinPim Calendar!!! I feared my iPhone calendar would be gone too but fortunately, after importing the first time it never accessed my other gadgets! This was the free trial but when it wiped its calendar, it also wiped the web address to ask for help and the evaluation form; I went back to the store to do this rating. Is this the best you can do??? Very disappointing, to say the least!


16 June 2015

Calendar works good but lacks one very important feature "Printing". 8.1 says "cannot print from this app!


21 May 2015

Just loaded my purchase of this -- it will NOT open --- And I can NOT import OUTook & Yahoo Calendars into it!! NOT As simple as it should be -- and NEED A FIX NOW __ COntact me !!


26 April 2015

This is one of the relatively few apps in the Windows Store from a private developer that actually has a sufficient feature set and works reliably. In the context of the Windows Store this definitely merits five stars. The developer stands behind his product. I requested from the developer the ability to sort the task list by due date and the next update contained the feature I requested. I use this app every day to track my appointments and tasks. I prefer it to much more complicated and distracting desktop apps such as Outlook. Update 4/26/15-- One of the more impressive things about this app is that it keeps improving: adding features and becoming more stable. This is in sharp contrast to the vast majority of Windows Apps in the store which appear to be trial balloons abandoned by their authors. The developers of WinPIM seem serious about creating useful and reliable software. I applaud them for this effort.


13 February 2015

Was hoping that I could sync my iCloud calendar, but all that happened is that my Apple ID account is now locked out.


31 January 2015

Looking for a calendar app that I can print. This one is pretty good and user friendly. Will probably not buy because I am looking for one that I can print by person instead of the whole calendar. This one I can input different family members calendar by assigning the style to each person which gives me a different color. But it doesn't print by style, that would be what I am looking for. Something where I can maintain everyone's schedule but be able to print each persons schedule for the week to hand to them to keep them on task.


30 December 2014

No drag and drop


23 November 2014

I am trying to make a Win8.1 Pro tablet replace a 13-year-old Psion NetBook. A critical missing piece is an agenda/scheduling app. I need something that can keep track of time I spend on projects, can keep track of appointments (and sound alarms that I will actually notice as far in advance as I specify), supports arbitrarily repeating events (regular meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, &c), allows descriptions to be attached to events, and other basic features. This app seems to cover everything I need except alarms. The most I have heard from it at the time of an expected alarm is a single 'ping'. Most of the time I have tried to set an alarm, I missed it completely -- possibly because I just didn't notice it, and it did not repeat or persist until acknolweged. Unhappily, the poor alarm functionality ruins the app for me. Having to use this to track appointment and then hand copy them to 'Alarms' to be notified for them is absurd.


5 November 2014

I thought this app might be good. But after syncing my Google Calendars, it wiped out all my events that are repeated for more than 1 date. I lost a lot of entries for the past 5 years. I had to renter every from this month forward. I lost a lot of history. No way to get it back.

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