A fun and addictive where you wipe out numbers by joining same valued tiles to create a tile of 2048 or bigger. If you are ready it will challenge you to create a tile 4096 or bigger 8192. You can move tiles without worries of making a wrong moves, you can undo last 100 moves.


  • Fun and challenging
  • Designed for Windows 8.1 with native technologies for better performance and usability
  • Snap to edge of your screen while working on any other app or watching a movie.
  • Undo. You can undo last 100 movements, no worries of wrong moves
  • You can save current tile positions and restore it later. Even if you screwed up a good game, you can restore previous tiles.
  • Not limited to 2048, you can play more.
  • Swipe anywhere on screen to slide tiles.
  • Keyboard supported, use arrow keys to slide tiles
  • Play in full-screen, portrait, landscape or snapped mode.

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6 May 2014

love/hate this game