Word Search Saga

Word Search is a fun word puzzle game which brings you exciting new puzzles every day. This game has 9 Packs includes 80 categories filled with fun word search puzzles. It is good for killing time or kids vocabulary education. If you like Word Search puzzles, then this is the game for you! 02/18/2015 update with following puzzles: Basic Pack: colors, number, shapes, countries, clothes, human body, occupations, money weather, geometry, sports, animals, holidays, computer, insects, flowers, car parts, furniture, school, months, trees, tools, metals, adverbs, hockey, musical instrument, Olympic games, sounds Animals Pack: African animals, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, reptiles, Australian animals, animal sound Food and Drink Pack: vegetables, fruit, curries, bread, candy, cheese, cooking, wine, pizza, cookies Geography Pack: SA States, USA Cities, Europe cities, Europe countries, big lakes, outer space, Africa countries, national parks, US rivers, state capitals, Asian Countries, Asian Cities Health Pack: Body (internal), body(External), keep fit, bones Movie Pack: movies, science fiction, actors, actresses History Pack: Presidents, American Tribes, Greek Gods Bible Pack: Animals, women, kings, church Science Pack: Chemical Compounds, computer, earthquake, elements


  • 100+ unique categories to avoid repeats
  • more than 10000 word available
  • good way to practice your english vocabulary and spelling
  • fun and education at the same time

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1 June 2015

Don not like this version because it will not go to a new puzzle, doesn't show how to get a new puzzle in the same category. I'd only give this a half star. give instruction on how to get another puzzle


29 March 2015

This game is good for your mind and I think u guys shood pla it mor oftin.


18 March 2015

Every time we play, we get random letters highlighted which impedes us from highlighting the correct words.


12 March 2015

I downloaded this and haven't gotten through a game yet. I find words and they come off the list but don't show on the puzzle. Uninstalling!


5 March 2015

had this game on my phone and I loved it so much I put it on my PC


21 January 2015

How do I pull the game up to play I mean how do I open the App to play I know how to play but I CAN NOT get the App Open because I don't know how PLEASE HELP Thanks in Advanced GOD bless


14 January 2015

This is very frustrating!!!! How do you start the game????????


11 January 2015

I'm with the other guy, how do you get started


7 January 2015

It's useful game and interesting.


5 January 2015

please tell me how to start playing this game

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