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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Some of the 50 features improved recently: + Dashboard to view all you work notes, photos, videos, drawings and more. + Drawing capabilities. Create a Drawing note with your pen or finger. + Improved Windows 8 touch-screen interface for use with Surface Pro Tablets + Add a date/time stamp to photos + Save multiple pictures with one note + Combine multiple pictures into one graphic and email as one file + Advanced mapping capabilities + Take a picture of any map location for use in other apps + Share easily to Evernote, OneNote, SkyDrive, DropBox, Box, Twitter, Facebook + Create a private Work Notes Pro folder on your Windows 8 tablet for added + Create a private Work Notes Pro folder to your SkyDrive folders + Private notes: Save notes and files to SkyDrive only and not on the device + View notes and files in List view and Map view

Work Notes Pro

Work Notes Pro is an All-in-One Mobile Data Collection App for Windows Tablets. Work Notes Pro is for Windows Tablet users that need a fast touchscreen mobile data collection app that works great with your other apps and cloud services. Work Notes Pro is a free Windows Store App in the Business Category. You can record digital reports for specific projects faster than using other Windows Tablet apps. And unlike any other mobile data collection apps in the Windows Store, Work Notes Pro incudes a full suite of audio, video, photo, mapping, sketching and writing capabilities combined with built in productivity tools.


  • Makes it easier to record, save and share videos, photos, voice notes, text notes, drawings, maps and more from your Windows 8 tablet or PC
  • All-in-one data collection capabilities video, photos, audio, drawings, notes, maps and more
  • Easily share your recordings with any device folders, apps and cloud services including SkyDrive, Box and DropBox
  • Shares media files with contacts, clouds and applications
  • Optional auto-sync to SkyDrive
  • Built-in Bing Maps to determine and save locations of your files
  • Photo date/time stamp
  • Create collages from multiple photos
  • Works on-line or off-line
  • Works with your contacts
  • Works with other apps like Evernote, OneNote, SkyDrive, Box and DropBox

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8 November 2014

No help file. Can not copy & past into this APP. Very unfriendly APP.


22 October 2014



8 September 2014

there is more than one user on this PC . only one user is being allowed to "Sign In" . no option is being provided to change accounts .


22 August 2014



29 May 2014

Recorded 1.5 hours of lecture from class and this app did not save it. I lost everything. This seems to be an ongoing problem with no solution in sight. Do not use this Application it will just frustrate you and make life more difficult.


29 April 2014

I picked up this app because it had the option to take audio notes; however, on multiple occasions the app fails to save my notes, and I lose hours worth of lectures and memos.


8 February 2014

Absolutely poor product.


31 January 2014

notes don't sync across devices. NEED ON WINDOWS PHONE 8


16 January 2014

I was excited, but once I saved my note to folder, everything disappears. It shows the book and it says 1 note. But everything I put into it is gone. The book is blank. What's up? This was my very first attempt to use this app. I hope it was ME who did something wrong.


18 December 2013

The only thing it needs is the ability to add files (PDF,doc,xls)

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