Work Photos for SkyDrive

Turn your Windows 8 or Windows RT PC into a Work Photo taking device that syncs to SkyDrive with this free app. Photo Notes for SkyDrive is packed with features to make it easier to take, share and manage photos taken for work and home. This photo app comes with a date & time stamp as well as the ability to create and share photo collages using multiple photos. This app keeps your work or most important photo files separate from your personal photos folder. Share photos easily with all your contacts, clouds and applications including SkyDrive, Box DropBox, Evernote, OneNote and more. With one click you can select to have your photos synced SkyDrive into a ‘Work Photos' folder. There is no account or sign-in required. You have option to sync to your free SkyDrive could storage account using your Windows Live ID. Windows 8 Camera features - Front & back on tablets. Crop photos Date & Time-stamp (On/off) Collages (Create single file from multiple photos) Insert Photos into notes from Device or Cloud Share photo files easily with contacts


  • Work Photos for SkyDrive makes it easier to use your Windows RT/8 tablet for
  • Photo notes can also include folder name, to-dos, importance, reminders, key words and more.
  • You can sync your files directly to your free SkyDrive account in a special Work Photos folder.
  • Record work photo notes and save files securely to your device or any cloud
  • Share files with contacts and email accounts
  • Share files with SkyDrive, Box, DropBox and all of your favorite cloud apps
  • Show photo notes to others from a special 'Presentation' View
  • Find work photos fast by date, folder, key word, location and more
  • Save photo files to any desktop folder, cloud folder or app
  • Record a map location and get directions from Bing Maps
  • Super easy to use interface built for touch-screens
  • Works in 'Snapped' mode so you can use side by side with other apps
  • Live Tile displays latest photoss on the Start Page
  • Pin important photosto Start Screen or Favorites
  • Add a reminder to any work photo and get an on screen alert 'toast' notification
  • Free App. No account required.
  • Personalized
  • You control all your own files and data
  • Access your work photo files synced to SkyDrive from any computer
  • Save time

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27 April 2014

This app could be very useful if I did not have to go through the process of saving each file. My camera on my tablet saves each picture automatically but when you install an app it by-pass the original settings making every thing become to slow when it is speed I looking for. Many of us use our tablets and laptops to be productive but most apps defeat this purpose. I would hope that every option that this app offers could be set to automatically just do it and the picture file name have a automatic counter.


9 December 2013

I don't write reviews, but it was such a waste of time and effort to even consider this app. Many of my work photos were lost for no reason. And the sync to SkyDrive duplicates every photo every time you sync... pretty inefficient for the photos that weren't deleted.