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    Release May.8.2014 Added global weather charts and improved the user interface.

World Astro Clock

Educational and entertaining world-clock, sunlight map, global weather chart, calendar, timer, alarm and astronomical almanac, the world Astro Clock is a versatile global window on our planet right on your desk, your tablet or your phone. It shows local time in over 4,000 world cities in all time zones and depicts apparent motion of the Sun and Moon through the sky. It displays current meteorological global weather charts showing cloud coverage, rain, temperature, pressure and wind. It gives the time of sunrise, moonrise and transit in any location on Earth as well as the Sun’s and Moon’s local and celestial coordinates, time and date of equinox and solstice, phase of the Moon, equation of time and analemma, julian date, various astrological signs and more. It includes seven timers and alarms using various sound effects and chimes showing time span information measured in days, hours, minutes and seconds between dates just a few minutes or many years apart. A free roaming «aircraft» shows the flight path, distance and bearing from the home city to anywhere in the world and the astronomical events as seen from its position. Whether or not you believe in astrology, the app will give you a great insight into this centuries-old science and human belief. In the end, the World Astro Clock is not only an attractive desk or wall clock but also a precise scientific instrument that will give you much more than just the time of the day.


  • World-clock, sunlight map, global weather chart, calendar, timer, alarm and astronomical almanac.
  • Decorative desk clock showing time of the day in over 4,000 cities.
  • Current global cloud coverage, rain, temperature and wind over the entire planet.
  • Sunrise, moonrise, transit, equinox, solstice, phase of the moon, julian date, analemma, ...
  • Free roaming 'aircraft' showing flight path, distance, bearing to anywhere on earth.
  • Seven timers and alarms, choice of sound effects and chimes.
  • Zodiac constellations and astrology calculator for Sun, Moon and ascendant signs.
  • Time exploration of future and past astronomical events (full moon, sun eclipse, etc..)
  • On-screen user guide and science background.
  • Snapped mode for side-by-side operation with other apps.
  • Automatic daylight saving time for all time zones.

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21 May 2014

I want to use it for all my alarms


2 May 2014

This app offers a beautiful and easy way to understand how the sun's path varies throughout the year in different parts of Earth. It would be a great help to school teachers. The new version offers many helpful functions expanding the use of the app and making it easier to learn. It's a great way to "travel" the world and the sky!


21 March 2014

UPDATE: JUST LOVE THIS APP. Wish it had a "wall clock" mode that would suspend the windows 8 screen lock and keep the presentation running. Maybe W8 prevents that. -- I had to look up some of the science involved in this app but at it's core its nice to look at. I love the time forward where you can see the equinox days in the spring and fall or look forward to longer daylight ahead. It would be great to add: 1) Map zoom for finer granularity view of approaching terminator and also easier city selections. 2) Globe view - so you can see how 3D sun path and shadow translate to the effect on the flat projection. 3) Custom city add by coordinates.


21 February 2014

I bought and installed the App on January 23 and it worked fine. I love it. But it stoped working some days ago, so I uninstalled it and try to install it again unsuccessfully. Can you tell me what to do to install the App again?


5 December 2013

This app looks great and gives you a lot of customization options. Highly recommended.


19 November 2013

Needs a live tile for Windows 8 . . .


22 September 2013

By far the best of the present apps for checking gray line conditions. Would be even more helpful if it could show both long and short great circle paths between any two points, with distance. Great app - please keep improving it, and Thanks!


9 July 2013

use it now try to remove and I am not able . keep telling me to go to store. I donot want to buy it. just remove it.


1 June 2013

I wish it could be my lock screen.


17 May 2013

This is a wonderful concept for an application. In future releases, I would highly recommend that you do the following: 1. Continue working toward adding automated daylight saving time. 2. Incorporate more of the settings and options into the user interface, including the bottom and top right-click/swipe bars and settings charm. 3. Work toward adding a three-dimensional rendering of the earth with sunlight map. 4. Design a live tile. 5. Add the ability to zoom.

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