Worldcraft - Survival Craft

WorldCraft - Survival Craft, is a 3D crafting game taking place in a infinite world made of block. Build everything you want either in a wild survival world, or online with your friends. Discover new lands, collect rare block, craft new items and tools, and create your own city to survive. Create unique weapons, armor, and various construction materials. In this game are absolutely no boundaries! A new amazing game of World Craft saga Your hero - miner and hunter got into 3D world. Now he needs survive in this dangerous world. You can create armor and weapon collecting different resources in caves and do your buildings more beautiful. Feature : - Infinite random world - Tropical biome - Crafting, and building - 3D Graphics and gameplay - A Lot of tools and weapons - Many blocks - animals, citizens... If you have any ideas to improve the game, tell me so ! Disclaimer: Not an official minecraft product. not approved by or associated with mojang.