Wormhole is an action-packed arcade-style space shooter! A throwback to the classic "asteroids" style gameplay, destroy an ever-increasing amount of asteroids to top the global high score! Compete against the rest of the world for erm... Bragging rights! Destroy asteroids with three different powerups! Rapid fire, triple shot, and the awesome laser beam! Shield your ship from destruction, but don't get pulled into the Wormhole!


  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Global High Score List
  • Multi-Touch Control Support

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29 March 2014

This app is only functional with a mouse, game play is severely limited on touch screen.


16 March 2014

Fun game Great graphics Nice challenge Live action arcade style game.


11 March 2014

Asteroids fans must have..... tablet users must try... has unique smooth easy to use controls for touch screen.... awesome graphics..... love it.....