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Welcome to Yahtzy, an exciting dicing competition for up to 8 players! Yahtzy is a classic dicing game which has been played for several generations. For the modern players we are proud to present the newest version: Yahtzy available on the latest devices. Get ready for a long lasting fun! Throw the dice to get the high score! But be warned – your competitors are also out to do their best. Luck isn't the only thing that matters in Yahtzy - this dice game rewards strategy and planning. Devise your strategy and become a Yahtzy master! Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/binteraktive


  • Multiplayer fun for up to 8 players on your device
  • Exciting dicing competition
  • Play against your friend or artificial intelligence
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Fully playable in the Snap View

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9 November 2015

This game is fun and I would like to get some of my friends to play it online with me. Well organized and easy to play.


19 October 2015

Love the multiple player option, board layout, images and color. All around fun and addicting. Thanks for the app and the great job you do.


7 June 2015

this game runs kind of slow...any way to speed it up


20 April 2015

this is a good Yahtzy app, but if I could change it, I would allow for the user to turn the music off.


8 April 2015

Love the game - hate the whistle - still 5 stars


29 March 2015

Love this game! Great job!!!!


2 March 2015

lots of fun


18 January 2015

this game is boring.


8 December 2014

love this app. play for hours


27 November 2014

I enjoy this version better than the other free ones.

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