Yes Or No Quiz

It's time to increase your knowledge, do you know where is the world's tallest building, how many floors it has?, or even who is the smallest person in this world? if not, do not worry Yes Or No Quiz is here to increase your knowledge in a fun way. *** Categories *** - Animals - Astrology - Celebrities - Food - Scientist - Astronomy - Chemistry - Movies - Technology - Geography - History - Human Body - Math - Physics - Automobile - U.S. States - Capital Cities and many many more...


  • 6 different Quiz game types
  • Yes or No Quiz
  • Explanation with Pictures
  • Hundreds of interesting questions and detailed answers

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6 July 2016

I love the questions but most of the categories say only avail on full version but doesn't give the option 2 buy it. not cool.


5 September 2014

The questions are recurrent


1 August 2014

ok app


6 December 2013

Love it


20 November 2013

This has a lot of random stuff. How am I suppose to know this stuff besides the practice? But it's cool.


16 September 2013

This app was pure awesome, I loved it. I learned a whole bunch that I didn't even know. The only thing that I ask is that you add some more questions, check the spelling and add a new thing to it where people can create there own questions for other people. !!!!!!!!!!!!😤