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    You-Doo is a Universal App which means you can get it for any windows 8.1+ device and sync your data between all of your favorite devices. You-Doo really shines when you have it on your PC or Tablet and use a Windows Phone as your mobile task reminder. Update - v2016.1012 ===Change Log=== -Minor refactoring of background tasks. Update - v2016.519 ===Change Log=== - Fixed an issue where certain languages weren't able to load. Update - v2016.517 ===Change Log=== - Fixed an issue when changing a whenever task to an active task, the date would default to a date that occurred in the past. - Removed the ability to edit the address text block during gps group creation to avoid confusion between it and the search box.


You-Doo is an easy to use proximity based to do list, task scheduler and reminder application. It is simple to use but has powerful features such as a live timeline, user defined gps locations, calendar view, task history and much more. Set up gps locations where you perform your most frequent tasks. Make one for your home, work, shopping centers, entertainment facilities, etc. You can then define individual tasks that will fire message reminders when you are nearby the defined areas that contain Active Tasks assigned to them. Organize your day by setting time-sensitive tasks, calendar items and reminders. You-Doo is a full featured task manager and calendar app. - Free Features • Proximity triggered alerts for tasks • Live Timeline View • Live tiles for individual tasks and gps groups • Configurable gps location groups for categorizing tasks • Location information with mapping integration to Bing Maps and Foursquare • Reminders and Notifications • Multi Language Options • Calendar view with daily detail - Pro Features (available via in-app purchase) • Task sharing • Device syncing • Cloud saves • Outlook and local calendar export • Driving directions • Additional task icons and colors You-Doo is now a Windows 10 UWP app! Don't have Windows 10? No problem, we still support You-Doo versions all the way back to Windows 8 mobile and the universal app for Windows 8.1. Download You-Doo today! Keywords: Calendar, Task List, Task Organizer, Proximity, GPS, Tasks, Location, To Do List, Task Scheduler, Task Manager, youdoo, you doo


  • Proximity based task scheduler
  • to-do-list and task calendar
  • Calendar
  • Shopping list and daily organizer
  • Driving directions

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25 July 2016

You-doo is amazing. It tells me what to do and when to do it. I get things on time. And the best thing is that it can have everything just in one day. You-doo makes life some much easier.


26 June 2016

This is real nice, I like all the features. Just started, however, I can see how it is going to be of help to me.


7 June 2016

cette alicaion est bien 😜 Amina


2 June 2016

I like this app so much.


30 April 2016



24 March 2016

Unfortunately, it does not change past the initial loading screen on my Surface. Too bad, because it looks like the best app of this genre based off the store pictures. Hopefully there will be an update to fix this issue.


17 March 2016



10 March 2016

The app doesn't open, please help!


21 January 2016

I love this, its just what I wanted!!


20 January 2016

I like how this works with the Outlook calendar. It needs a few fixes: A way to give a 'home' longitude/Latitude for your PC that has no GPS. It defaults to the middle of the Atlantic. It needs recurring tasks, and a way to set a reminder time between 1 and 18 hours ... right now you can say various minutes up to one hour, then the next is 18 hours! What about 2, 4, or 8? or 12?

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