The ultimate camera app, providing you all the tools and features you need to get the most out of the camera on your mobile device. YouCam has it all. For fun effects, face tagging, and everything in between, YouCam is the only camera app you'll ever need!


  • Record super smooth HD videos and enhance them with TrueTheater(TM)
  • Apply a complete range of fun and cool effects to videos and photos
  • Add frames, stamps or draw freehand images on your favorite photos

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30 March 2015

nice app


28 January 2013

This app is good I use it with my web cam and it works great


8 January 2013

It was a nice camera app better than windows 8 camera app(Default) having more options such as night mode, other effects.


19 December 2012

Everything looks nice, but my "Dual Mode MARS CIF Camera" a very old one, is not being recognized. System Specs - AMD Athlon X II 260 on a Gigabyte GA 78LMT S2 Mother board with 4 GB RAM with an Acer 18.5" LCD backlit LED Monitor. So it appears I have to upgrade the camera, or is there a work around ?


14 November 2012

Cant upload photos to facebook or anything :(((((((((


9 November 2012

I have this installed on my laptop, but couldn't find it in the store on my Surface. When I found it in my installed list, it says it is not available for my current device. Why Not!


6 November 2012

lots of options, devs DONT STOP ADDING you can do much more with this software but I like what you have done so far. DO NOT HESITATE TO GO ALL OUT ON WINDOWS 8!!!


2 November 2012


30 October 2012

Did not work on my computer


28 October 2012

Skype recognizes EZCAP116 driver. However, this youcam does not

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