Your Workout Planner

Organize your weekly workout routine! Choose your Day, Muscle Group, enter exercises, reps, sets and rest/cardio time during a workout or right before one. Also can be used to manage your workout week. To enter multiple weights for different sets just put a comma between weight values. Simple, pleasant to view app. If you lift religiously or on a "when you feel like it" basis this app will help you organize your plan!


  • Workout day exercise planner and organizer.
  • Simple design and easy to use.

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26 January 2015

It's an okay app... Pretty helpful in organizing and planner your workouts. When you first try to open the app it takes a long time to load though, after that it doesn't take as long


22 December 2014

won't load on windows 8


5 December 2014

will not run,open, or do anything....


6 November 2014



10 June 2014

This app is a piece of junk don't waste your time. It doesn't even load up to the START SCREEN. I've tried everything! so stupid don't get this app !!!!!!!


22 May 2014

The program is nearly useless to me as I am looking for something to create a high rep home workout routine without any weights. This app unfortunately maxes out at 30 reps and won't let you override it.


5 April 2014

Very slow to load but functional. Much nicer if this had actual exercises to select from for each body area.


30 March 2014

Don't waste your time!


22 March 2014

It will not do anything for me but stay on the launch screen. I'm using a Lenovo Mix 2 8. Am I just doing something wrong? I have tried everyþing I could think of.


20 March 2014

Sometimes it loads, sometimes it doesn't. Don't have the time waste fiddling with something that doesn't load every single time.

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