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    1. When the application is pinned, you can now select a conversation and read the messages. 2. Contact editing can now be done in app, rather than on the web. 3. The support windows has also been brought into the app, rather than on the web.

Zipwhip - Text Messaging

NOTE: A Zipwhip account is required to use this product. You can either use a landline, toll-free number, or an Android powered cell phone and mobile number. For Landlines and Toll-Free: Text enabling your existing landline number has finally become a reality! Whether you're interested in text enabling your existing residential or business landline number, it works the same way. When a friend or customer text messages your number, the message shows up Windows 8.1 device or any other Zipwhip applications. Text enabling your landline or toll-free number does not interfere with your existing voice service. For Mobile Numbers with an Android Powered Phone: Zipwhip brings your text messaging (SMS / MMS) to the cloud allowing you to send, receive, and sync texts to your Windows 8.1 device using your existing phone number and text messaging plan. Receive notifications instantly when you receive a text and send to anyone with a mobile phone. Your friends do not have to have the app for this service to work. Simply install the Zipwhip Phone Sync App on your Android phone.


  • TEXT FROM YOUR DESKTOP. If you use a computer and text like we do you must experience the Zipwhip Windows 8 app. Receiving texts on your tablet or PC extends your favorite way to communicate.
  • YOUR EXISTING PHONE NUMBER. All texts sent or received via Zipwhip use your phone number. We believe that your phone number is your identity.
  • YOUR FRIENDS/CUSTOMERS DON’T HAVE TO HAVE THE APP. It is text messaging not mobile IM which means 99.9% of all phones in the world will get your messages.
  • YOUR TEXTS SYNC’D AND ACCESSIBLE WHEREVER YOU ARE. Whenever you receive a text to your phone number it is sync’d across Zipwhip apps, showing on you Windows 8.1 app.
  • CONTACT SYNC. Contacts are synced across all Zipwhip apps. If you modify or create a new contact, all apps are updated.
  • SHARE MESSAGES WITH OTHER WINDOWS 8.1 APPS. Select a text message and click the share option to share the message body with other Windows 8.1 apps.
  • MESSAGE DELETE SYNC. When you delete a text in the Windows 8.1 app it also deletes the message from across Zipwhip Apps.
  • MESSAGE READ SYNC. When you mark a text as read in the Windows 8.1 app is also marks the message as read across all Zipwhip Apps.
  • MESSAGE INJECTION INTO SENT MESSAGES. When you send a text from the Windows 8.1 app it shows as sent in your phone’s native messaging app. Mobile numbers only.
  • VIEW YOUR MMS (MULTIMEDIA) TEXTS. When you get your first photo popping up in the app you’ll understand the power of cloud texting. Mobile numbers only.
  • INTERNATIONAL TEXTING. With Zipwhip you can send texts to anywhere your phone can. If your text messaging plan lets you send to international phone numbers then so do we. Mobile numbers only.

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13 May 2015

I use it on my iPad, Android Tablets, Windows Computer. I wish you could adjust the color scheme to something less bright.


11 April 2015

Every time I sign in, it won't let me. BY: Malachi Yonts a ten year old.


13 January 2015

it don't have updates


22 November 2014

This a great extension of texting, to & from the cell phone, for those that communicate to others by text thru the phone to others but would rather use the keyboard of a laptop or tablet instead.


7 November 2014

this is a stupid app to get so don't get it people because you been doing those feggidings while thinking about that jimmy dean and those smithereens because youre vexy


1 August 2014

apparently I own this app, never seen it before in my life, why is being listed in my owned apps? and yeah checked the reviews, its subscription, very much not free, please stop cluttering the market with this stuff, that's were android went wrong. we don't need that, we had a decent store last year, what happened?


29 May 2014

But I had to replace my phone and reinstall zipwhip on my new one... but to no avail. It works in web application, but not the standalone windows app... sigh. Too bad.


24 May 2014

You need 2 enter all kinds of info. then pay like $20 a month! Ya right free.... It sucks


5 May 2014

I LOVE my Windows phone, but this app doesn't work if you don't have it on both your computer AND your phone. Well, there is no Zipwhip app for a windows phone. So??? It's useless to me.


1 May 2014

how do you us this app? I can't find instructions or how to make it go

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