Zoetrope RT

Easily create stop motion movies or slideshows from still photographs, drawings, a scanner, a webcam, or connected camera. Zoetrope helps you create that perfect animation of your Lego creation or any other series of photographs to make a stop motion animation. New Feature: Upload to YouTube directly in the app and see all of the public animations uploaded to YouTube on the Zoetrope on YouTube page. Pick a music file from your music library to add audio to the animation. Cel-animation feature to draw animation cels with pen, mouse, or touch. Save the animations to h.264 MP4, Windows Media WMV, or uncompressed AVI files. If you have a scanner you can now use it directly in Zoetrope to add photos - either using the flatbed or auto sheet feeder - great for paper-based animation projects. You can now use two PCs connected wirelessly (Bluetooth, TCP/IO or Wi-Fi Direct) to automatically take photos simultaneously and then easily pass photos and movies between the two. Note: this is a Windows RT (ARM) version of the Zoetrope app in the Windows Store: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/zoetrope/0fab6b06-702a-4f22-95c3-a8c1e804c0a0


  • Upload to YouTube
  • Chose the frames per second and video size
  • Cel-based animation feature to draw animations with pen, mouse, or touch.
  • Pick a music file from your music library to add audio to the animation
  • When creating a stop-frame animation, you can see the previous photo overlayed on the screen.
  • Share a collection of images with Zoetrope to instantly create a stop-motion movie from them.
  • Easily rearrange and delete photos
  • Connect to other PCs wirelessly running Zoetrope to create multi-camera stop-motion movies.
  • Use the Device charm to sent the Zoetrope to a printer or to send the selected image to a DLNA screen.
  • Support for scanners with for both flatbeds and auto sheet feeders to add images.
  • Any file picker location can act as a source for photographs
  • Share the video that you create using the share contract
  • Print-out to construct your own papercraft Zoetrope device from the images
  • Save to h.264, WMV, or AVI