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    Version - Fixed a bug where some ink couldn't be erased and caused crashing. Previous Versions - Added new Rotoscope feature to create hand-drawn animations over video frames. - Added duplicate button for animation frames (thanks Alex for the suggestion) - Fixed crash bug when launching app from double-clicking on a .zoetrope file. - Fixed issue where copying drawing cels caused a crash. - Fixed issue with starting cel drawing and crashes when leaving drawing page - Added new feature to add background color or image to cel animation drawing - Fixed bug where animations with more than 500 images failed to create videos - Added save button to drawing page - Fixed various crash bugs - Fixed an issue with crashing when finished drawing - Fixed an issue with crashing when copying drawing cels - Fixed various stability issues - Fixed an issue that was causing crashes on certain versions of Windows 10. - Fixed issues with page layout on phone - Updated app to use ink toolbar for Windows Anniversary Update. - Fixed issue with Windows Anniversary Update and 3D printing - Added better crash reporting - Added ability to save images to a folder - Fixed crash issue with undo/redo and switching drawing pages - Made it easier to accept cel drawing when navigating away from drawing page - Fixed crash issue with undo after adding a new drawing - Fixed issue with crashing on camera options on phone


Easily create stop motion movies or slideshows from still photographs, drawings, a scanner, a webcam, or connected camera. Zoetrope helps you create that perfect animation of your Lego creation or any other series of photographs to make a stop motion animation. NEW: Rotoscope tool for creating hand-drawn animations over video frames. Add background color or image to cel animation drawing Print out a zoetrope device with a 3D printer (and the paper strips). Print a flipbook of your animation. Once you have created your animation, you can save it a video file, upload it to YouTube, or print it out as a flipbook. Pick a music file from your music library to add audio to the animation. Cel-animation feature to draw animation cels with pen, pencil, mouse, or touch - and now with the ruler tool for the Windows Anniversary Update. Save the animations to h.264 MP4, Windows Media WMV, or uncompressed AVI files. If you have a scanner you can now use it directly in Zoetrope to add photos - either using the flatbed or auto sheet feeder - great for paper-based animation projects.


  • NEW: Print and cut out a flipbook on a paper printer.
  • Upload to YouTube
  • NEW: Print zoetrope device with a 3D printer and the paper strips to go in it..
  • Cel-based animation feature to draw animations with pen, mouse, or touch.
  • Pick a music file from your music library to add audio to the animation.
  • When creating a stop-frame animation, you can see the previous photo overlayed on the screen.
  • Share a collection of images with Zoetrope to instantly create a stop-motion movie from them.
  • Easily rearrange and delete photos
  • Save to h.264, WMV, or AVI
  • Share the video that you create with other apps.
  • Support for scanners with for both flatbeds and auto sheet feeders to add images.
  • Any file picker location can act as a source for photographs
  • Choose the size and frame rate of the animation.
  • Save all images to a folder.
  • NEW: Set cel animation background image or color.

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12 July 2016

We can not turn around the screen!!!!!! So disappointing!


10 April 2016

this sucks


2 April 2016

to complicated wont let you make more than three frame or start a new animation


24 January 2016

It, is to jerry for my liking


23 January 2016



14 January 2016

It's okay I have a hard time deleting photo(s) but it is pretty good! It is the first stopmotion app that I've found that let's you add sound to you videos!


2 January 2016

Save your money


7 December 2015

won't let me save my videos that are like 4 seconds long


19 November 2015



11 November 2015

inferno debut:1979 undertaker debut:1983

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