Zombie Sniper Shooting 3D Free

Zombie Sniper Shooter 3D Free is a first person 3D shooter game. You will play as a Sniper and strike the zombies. Your task is to fight against the zombies and destroy the enemy remnants. One of the Best 3D Sniper Shooter experiences is finally here on Windows Store for Free. Your mission in Zombie Sniper Shooter 3D Free would be to clear the realistic levels with deadly Sniper precision to victory! A Sniper Shooter on the Windows Store has never been more realistic. Download Zombie Sniper Shooter 3D for Free now and have the best Sniper experience on mobile devices. Realistic gaming sound effects, so you have a more perfect realistic Sniper experience. You will be a true Sniper. Best Game Features 1. Realistic Environment 2. Realistic Sniper Shooting 3. 3D Bullet Time Camera 4. 3D Slow Motion Camera 5. Best Sniper Shooting Experience ever 6. Easy Sniper Controls 7. Sniper Shooter Fun! 8. Its Free! 9. Zombies!! Who does not love them ;) How to Play 1. Shoot at target with Sniper Gun 2. User Zoom Button to Zoom in for a kill 3. Enjoy the Slow Motion Kill Cam!


  • Realistic Sniper Shooting
  • 3D Bullet Time Camera
  • Easy Sniper Controls
  • Best Sniper Shooting Experience ever
  • 3D Slow Motion Camera

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25 May 2015

I would recemend it to others. Even my brother and he crazy


9 April 2015

how to play it ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


30 March 2015

I find the game fun and great music but could use more guns and enviroments


29 March 2015

Thought this might be cool n fun but there are no onscreen controls n every time I touch the screen the gun fires sooo I'm uninstalling this junk


22 March 2015

This's game a terrible game I rather play last hope that is a fun game


16 March 2015

it doesn't have any instructions on how to use the controls and the controls are way sensitive. Its fun but wish I could take the timer off have more levels.


2 March 2015

Jedan pogodak i igrica se samo ugasi. One shot and game is crash.


19 February 2015

Glitchy, pretty fast, shooting ok but all you do is shoot for about 1 minute, then you start over, graphics are not very good, kind of boring for me


12 February 2015

excellent shooting game with life like graphics,really tests your shooting abilities,that could last all day.--thanks--RON --great job, a lot of shooting fun.


24 December 2014

I put 5 stars because its easy to quickscope and can you take out the timer also add walking in the game

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